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Swift's golf scheduling software allows you to get online booking, scheduling, and payments setup for your course or driving range in minutes without any training.

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Sports facilities love Swift

Don't just take our word for it. We have happy facilities all over the US & Canada - here is what some of them have to say about us:
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Swift has definitely made life easier

“The number of headaches that we used to have with bookings compared to now has lowered for sure. Swift has definitely made it easier.
Jeremias Sucre
Jeremias Sucre
Facility Manager @ Baseline Sports
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I couldn’t be happier. Swift is the real deal – I highly recommend it for any sports facility

"It was very easy! We did an hour-long onboarding call, and that was it! We were up and running the same day"
Merrick Palmer
Owner @ Capital Courts
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The best reviews from our customers!

"The whole system is simple and user-friendly on both aspects (admin and customers). This by far has the best reviews from our customers"
Lindsay Simone
Owner @ Innovative Fastpitch
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online booking & payments

Spend less time answering phone calls.

Don't spend your whole day on the phone with customers juggling bookings.

With a lightning-fast online booking & payments experience, you can free up tens of hours every week without losing that personal touch with your customers.

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Notifications & policies

Stop losing money on no-shows

No-shows waste time and money - occupying valuable space that could've been used by other customers.

With Swift, you can significantly reduces no-shows. Once a booking has been made, Swift keeps your customers (and your staff) in the loop via confirmation emails and 24h email reminders.

You can also setup cancellation policies to avoid giving refunds after a certain time window has passed.
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Online payment made in-advance
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Cancellation policy to avoid last minute changes
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Automatic email and SMS notifications
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24h reminder emails to customers

Learn the tool & get setup completely in minutes

No one wants to "learn another tool" - especially when existing tools on the market take multiple days to learn and adopt.

But with Swift, there's almost no learning curve! We've intentionally designed the tool to be as simple as Gmail or Facebook, so you and your staff can get setup in minutes without any training.
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More reasons why the most successful sports facilities choose Swift

Drag & drop scheduling

10x faster turnaround on phone calls and walk-ins

With the easiest drag-and-drop scheduling tool in the world, your staff can spend less time on the phone trying to book slots for walk-ins or calls.
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Scheduling for every service: Whether it's classes, rentals, lessons, camps, clinics, or just maintenance - Swift's calendar can handle any kind of scheduling.
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Recurring bookings made easy: Scheduling teams is just as simple as an individual, regardless of whether the booking happens once, twice, weekly, or on every third Tuesday for 6 months.
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Give your staff members just the right amount of access

Swift allows you to give each staff member their own login, and set permissions for staff members so that they can only access parts of the app that you want them to see.
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Permissions & Roles: Create and assign roles to staff members with different permissions so you never risk losing customers to contracted instructors.
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Payroll & Reporting (coming soon): Get a complete view of how much your staff is working and how much they need to be paid.
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Liability waivers

Don't lose business when an injury happens

Injuries are inevitable in the sports business, so it's important that your facility isn't held liable. With Swift, you can have customers agree to digital waivers before making any booking.
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Digital Waiver Upload: Add your own liability waiver to Swift, or use our template to cover your facility's legal needs.
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Agree to Waiver on Checkout: Ensure that customers are able to see, and agree to your waiver before proceeding with any bookings.
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Packages & credits

Offer packages without the hassle of tracking credits and usage

Setup packages to offer credits for services at a discounted rate to customers, without the effort of manually tracking credits and redemptions.
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Set expiry dates, durations, and other restrictions on package credits
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Easily see how many credits a customer has, and add/remove from this during walk-ins.
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