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Case Study: Evolving from eSoft Planner with 413 Athletic Training Center and Swift

July 20, 2021
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I. Introduction - Meet Steve LeBel, from 413 ATC

In today’s case study, we're shining the spotlight on Steve LeBel's 413 Athletic Training Center

Nestled in Chicopee, Massachusetts, this 12,000 sq. ft. facility is more than just a baseball and softball training hub. It's a powerhouse that champions both sport and science. With top-tier technology like Hit Trax, Senaptec, and BlazePod at the helm, this training center is truly in a league of its own.

A state of the art facility, helping thousands of athletes in Massachusetts fulfill their dreams. Despite all of their success, owner Steve LeBel had identified one key aspect of their business that they continued to struggle with.

And that’s scheduling.

"Before Swift, we were doing classes and clinics manually...It was a huge mess though, because only I could take these payments and track it on a spreadsheet." - Steve LeBel, 413 Athletic Training Center
Batting instruction at 413 ATC
413 ATC: The hub for athletes in Chicopee, MA

II. Before Swift: Scheduling Troubles with eSoft Planner

Prior to Swift, Steve’s business relied on a popular alternative, eSoft Planner.

Although it was really affordable, they found themselves constantly running into issues with their programs. "Before Swift, we were doing classes and clinics manually. Tracking cancellations and rescheduling were the biggest headache," Steve says.

Unfortunately, choosing the wrong scheduling software for your facility has very real costs.

A smooth, clean, mobile-friendly booking experience is vital to keeping your customers happy. It also benefits you and your staff, making sure frustrated customers aren’t eating up all your time via phone calls or messages, and you have time to actually grow the business.

And a scheduling system can also help in doing that! With memberships and packages, the right software can help you drastically increase your profitability.

In Steve’s case, apart from the day-to-day frustrations & time spent, their old system had also made it impossible to expand their services or offer memberships.

Teaching a lesson at 413ATC
Lessons, performance programs, rentals - all possible at 413ATC

III. Enter Swift: The Ninth Inning Rally

That’s when Steve found Swift, the modern & easy to use sports facility management software he'd been looking for.

Like a relief pitcher in the 9th inning, Swift was exactly what Steve needed to take his business to another level. Its mobile-friendly, user-focused design was the game changer Steve was looking for.

"Biggest thing for me was how it performed with memberships, camps, and clinics," he shares. 

An image of Swift's scheduling software running on a Mac laptop
Swift App: The modern sports facility management tool

A big fear that facility owners have when coming from a previous tool, is the effort & time required to make the switch. This is a completely valid fear, which is why the Swift team dedicates an engineer to each facility’s account to make sure that the transition happens effortlessly - both for the facility staff and their customers.

In Steve’s case, the migration from eSoft to Swift was incredibly quick. All it took was a spreadsheet of customer data, and the new system was up and running, generating bookings by the very next day.

So, how did it do? What was the impact of switching to Swift?

"413 Athletic Training Center saw a $5k increase in annual membership revenue and a $10k increase in revenue from camps and clinics. I also save 2-3 hours per week, allowing me to focus more on the athletes and less on administrative tasks." - Steve LeBel

IV. Post-Game Analysis: Swift's Grand Slam

Swift stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park. 

Steve reports, "We're doing $5k/annually more in membership revenue, just because of how easy it’s been to book and pay." The center's camps and clinics have seen an increase in revenue by $10,000 this past year. Not to mention, Swift has saved Steve 2-3 hours each week, freeing him up to focus on what he loves: developing great athletes.

And what about his customers? The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. They love Swift's convenience and the innovative drop-in clinic feature, which has added flexibility for everyone.

Catching drills at 413 ATC
Athletes building their skills at 413 ATC

V. The Verdict: Steve’s Swift Shoutout

Steve is beyond excited about Swift, and we’re grateful for it!

"I couldn’t be happier. Swift is a no-brainer for any sports facility owners," Steve enthuses.

With its time-saving features, exceptional customer service, and continuous improvements, it's clear why Swift is Steve's MVP. (and vice-versa!)

VII. About Swift

Swift is a scheduling software that turns double plays into grand slams. 

It helps sports facilities spend less time juggling schedules and more time doing what they do best - coaching and inspiring athletes. Our goal is to help you grow your sports business on auto-pilot, making you more money with less hours.

If you want to experience the same success that Steve did, book a free 30-minute demo and we’ll get you set up.

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