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Case Study: The 5 - How LA's Premier Baseball Facility Raised Their Revenue to $78,000 a Month with Swift

May 31, 2024
3 min read

I. Introduction - Meet Kevin Chandler & Jared Yamasaki, from The 5

Located in Los Angeles, California, The 5 Baseball and Softball Training Facility has been LA’s premier facility since opening its doors ~2 years ago. The 20,000 sq. ft. facility has 6 cages, 3 mounds, a weight training area, and a turf area. The 5 prides themselves on providing cutting-edge technology to their clientele with a team of former D1 and professional athletes to leverage this data to take their game to the next level.

II. Before Swift: Manual Scheduling & Bloated Features

Before joining Swift, The 5 had a nightmare managing their schedule manually.

“With all of the calls, cancellations, and rescheduling, we were forced to play a constant game of tetris that took up most of the day to day”

Without automated scheduling, The 5 staff didn’t have the time to focus on growing the business or engaging with their community. The team had been using EZFacility, but all the bloated features didn’t solve their scheduling problem as Jared & Kevin explain: “They had a lot of bells and whistles (retail, reports), but the core scheduling process was awful. They did not have a way for us to show all our offerings online.. And simple functions, like scheduling recurring lessons, were unbelievably difficult to set up."

“The bells and whistles are useless if you don’t have systems in place for customers to easily book and enjoy the facility”. 

III. Enter Swift: Migrating from EZFacility

Dealing with the constant headaches, The 5 team migrated from EZFacility to join Swift. Immediately, Jared & Kevin’s team loved how simple the Swift UI was and were able to get set up within a day with the help of our dedicated engineer and guided onboarding + migration process.

“Migrating from EZFacility was very easy. Because our customers had no online booking reference point, they LOVED the ability to make and manage bookings online”. 

IV. The Results: Rapid Growth

Just 4 months after joining Swift, The 5 skyrocketed their monthly revenue to roughly $78,000 from $22,000 while saving 20 hours a week in administrative work.A facility equipped with cutting-edge technology needs cutting-edge software to manage its business. Jared & Kevin explain how their switch to Swift brought this to light with their customers: 

“Our facility focuses on a lot of baseball/softball tech, our customers have mentioned that switching to Swift has brought the tech element to the customer experience as well”. 

V. The MVP: Swift is Next-Level

When asked to share they’re thoughts about Swift with other sports facility owners or managers, Jared Yamasaki & Kevin Chandler didn’t hold back:

 “From the moment we adopted Swift, the change was nothing short of revolutionary. In the first month alone, we saw our revenue skyrocket by over 200%. But the benefits didn't stop at financial growth; it fundamentally changed how we operate, becoming an indispensable part of our business and daily lives…For those considering Swift, let me be clear: not taking advantage of this tool and team means falling behind.”

VI. About Swift

The 5’s success on the platform has been incredible and a testament to the power of software built for sports. We want your business to experience the same growth by freeing you up from endless calls and emails.If you’d like to experience similar success or have similar challenges to Jared and Kevin’s team, book a free 30-minute demo and we’ll be happy to get you set up.

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