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Case Study: Baseline Sports - How Toronto’s largest baseball facility saves 10+ hours every week with Swift

December 1, 2023
10 min read

Toronto’s Finest Facility

Canadian winters are no joke. Some of the harshest winters happen “north of the border”, and when they do - everyone flocks indoors. But even in these freezing conditions, athletes continue to grind.

For baseball players in Toronto, there’s only one spot that they visit - Baseline Sports. With over 20,000 sq ft. of space, and 130 ft long turf fields, Baseline has quickly become the go-to destination for Canadian athletes. In the 13 years that they’ve been open, they’ve become Toronto’s largest baseball facility.

Baseline Sports: Toronto’s premier baseball facility

The Problem

As the business grew, the number of parents and athletes looking to make bookings at Baseline got larger. More and more folks wanted to rent space at Baseline, or book lessons with their instructors, or join their camps and clinics.

From camps to team rentals, Baseline does it all

The business was killing it, but it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. As demand grew, so did the load on their facility staff.

Instructors, their facility manager Jeremias Sucre, and even the owner Rafique Choudury started spending hours every week answering phone calls from customers. It was almost impossible for 30 minutes to pass without the phone ringing. Trying to handle this demand meant hiring more people, which is another cost on the business.

While they had automated the retail side of their business with Shopify, handling bookings was still a pain. They tried using off-the-shelf “appointment booking” apps, but realized (like many others) that most of these apps aren’t built for sports facilities.

They don’t account for things like retractable cages, instructor availability, memberships, etc. - and in some cases, they make the problem worse! One of the apps they tried even led to double-booked cages and angry customers!

Enter Swift - The Solution

Within 20 minutes of seeing a demo with the Swift team, they were convinced that there was a solution to their growing pains. “This looks like it’s exactly what we’re looking for" said Rafique Choudrary, the Owner @ Baseline Sports.

Baseline needed a tool that:

  1. Makes it incredibly easy for their customers to make bookings & pay for services (rentals, lessons, classes, camps, etc) on their phone
  2. Gives their staff a way to add availability for the week, see their upcoming bookings, and plan their seasonal programming
  3. Is easy enough to learn without any formal training or setup
  4. Avoids double-bookings of spaces at all costs

Being an all-in-one baseball facility management tool, the Swift app delivered all of this, and more!

Swift App: The modern sports facility management tool

Within an hour, the Baseline team was completely set up with Swift’s scheduling software. They started receiving bookings through the app on the same day, and they’ve never looked back since.

The Results: A Fine-Tuned Baseball Machine

In the 6 months since Baseline Sports has joined Swift, they’ve seen a dramatic decrease in the amount of time spent answering phone calls, with almost 10+ hours of time freed up for their staff every week.  With more time on their hands, they've able to focus their energy on growing their business, getting more customers, and building other streams of revenue (like a uniform printing business) that’s adding to their bottom line.

I think we now spend about 30%-40% of the time [handling bookings] than we used to spend beforehand. So instead of spending about 2 - 3 hours a day, we are down to about 30-60 minutes.

[Swift] makes it easier and simple for customers to book any rental or lesson...The booking process takes about half of the time it used to take, selecting a time and paying only takes a few clicks. 

Overall, with Swift I now have more time in my hands to focus on things that matter a little more, like growing the business.”
- Jeremias Sucre, Facility Manager @ Baseline Sports

As a valued customer and partner of Swift, Baseline Sports has also joined Swift’s beta program - helping improve the product for themselves, and tons of other sports facility owners across the US and Canada.

The Lesson: Save time to grow your business

Our goal at Swift is to build the best sports facility management software in the world. 

We work relentlessly to save you and your staff time, so that you can focus on spending time with your athletes and growing your business.

If you want to join the ranks of Baseline and experience similar success, book a free 30-minute demo and we’ll get you set up.

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