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Case Study: Capital Courts Gains 10-15 Hours By Cutting Registration Time With Swift

December 1, 2023
6 min read

I. Introduction - Meet Merrick Palmer, from Capital Courts

Located in Ottawa, Canada, the Capital Courts Training Centre is the home for over 5,000 basketball players. 

Merrick Palmer - Owner of Capital Courts in Ottawa, Canada

The facility, spanning 6,500 sq ft., has delivered over 30,000 hours of individual basketball training under the motto "Development Lives Here". 

Merrick Palmer, the owner, embodies this commitment, stating, "We're not just a basketball training facility, we're a place where development truly lives."

With a true focus on player development, Merrick has nurtured and grown the business organically over the last 12 years.

This growth hasn’t come without some growing pains. As their client list grew, handling schedules, payroll, payments, etc. manually become a big time sink.

Capital Courts Training Centre isn't just a place to play basketball; it's a developmental haven for athletes. With a commitment to honing individual skills, this facility has shaped the careers of thousands of players.

II. Before Swift: Manual Mayhem

Before Swift's implementation, Capital Courts struggled with manual operations. 

"Before Swift, we were doing everything manually," recounts Merrick. The challenges of managing scheduling, registrations, payments, and receipt generation took up valuable time and made it hard to compile active client lists.

"Swift can do everything as it relates to managing a sports facility."

The team was using Setmore’s software, but Merrick found it verylimiting, saying, "We used Setmore as more of an internal software to keep staff abreast of the schedule. We didn’t use it for anything else. Swift can do everything as it relates to managing a sports facility."

III. Enter Swift: Getting Setup

These manual pains eventually took their toll on Merrick and his team, and they decided to look for something better. And that’s when they found Swift.

Figure 1: Swift App: The easiest way to manage your sports facility

After a 30-minute demo, Merrick knew that it was going to be the right tool for his business. He decided to transition to Swift shortly after the demo, due to its user-friendly interface and comprehensive feature set.

He found it particularly appealing because of how simple it was to use, saying 

"Biggest thing with Swift is the interface and fluidity of the software. It cuts out all the fluff for non-techies like me."

Implementation and migration was also effortless. Since Swift provides a dedicated engineer + a guided onboarding & migration process, Merrick was able to seamlessly set up his business on Swift without any frustrations with his end, or his customers.

"It was very easy! We did an hour-long onboarding call, and that was it! We were up and running the same day," recalls Merrick.

IV. The Results: A Slam Dunk

Within just a month of joining, Merrick is seeing immense success with Swift. The “manual mayhem” that he was experiencing has disappeared, and most importantly - he’s gotten time to grow his business.

"We’ve cut down on registration for camps and clinics by 100%. This saves us a minimum of 10-15 hours per week that we can dedicate to grow the company."

Candid shots!

This time savings is incredible, and it’s a common theme across previous case studies that we’ve done as well.

With the right scheduling system, you can save hours every week (for you or your staff), and add 10 to 30% to your bottom line - becoming a more profitable business in the process.

A nice perk of joining the Swift platform has been having access to the Swift team members - and as a result, getting insight into what other sports facilities are doing across verticals. Sharing these tips has helped Merrick make small decisions in his day-to-day business.

Clients have also reacted very positively to the change. Merrick notes,

"Our clients expect nothing but the best from us, so they know if we're using a new app, it has to be the best of the best."

V. At the Buzzer: Swift is the real deal

When asked to share his thoughts about Swift to other sports facility owners or managers, Merrick Palmer doesn't hesitate: 

"I couldn’t be happier. Swift is the real deal – I highly recommend it for any sports facility."
Kids learning the fundamentals of basketball at Merrick's facility

VII. About Swift

Merrick’s success on the platform has been incredible, and they’re only going to grow from here.  Your business can experience the same things, as long as you use the right software.

We want you to spend less time on your phone and computer, and more time doing what you do best - coaching and inspiring athletes. 

If you’d like to experience similar success (or are facing similar challenges to what Merrick did in the past), book a free 30-minute demo and we’ll get you set up.

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