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Case Study: IYG Baseball Triples Their Revenue With Swift

June 4, 2024
3 min read

I. Introduction- Meet Tyler LeClair, from IYG Baseball / Softball

Located in Richmond, VA, IYG Baseball / Softball has been operating since 2009, with Tyler LeClair taking over ownership in 2020. At 12,00 sq. ft, IYG has a simple mission: development over everything. It is their goal to provide athletes with every opportunity to improve their life and athletic skills. IYG offers travel teams, private lessons, weight training, camps, clinics, and various development programs.

II. Before Swift: Manual Mess

Prior to joining Swift, IYG tracked all their memberships manually and collected payments with checks. This quickly became very tedious and time-consuming for Tyler. Bookings were also challenging as he describes:

“Our biggest challenge for bookings was trying to figure out cage availability for lessons or camps we wanted to run.”

As the business grew, so did the challenges around operations. Tracking incoming revenue manually had become overwhelming, and as a result - the IYG team was losing key rental opportunities to outside teams and players.

III. Enter Swift: Getting Setup

With a large group of coaches & staff under Tyler, the ease of use of Swift was a big advantage. He was able to get his entire team trained and set up within a few hours. Noting that the centralized drag & drop calendar has made it easy for everyone on his team to manage their bookings despite the wide range of computer skills.

“Going from the bare minimum of doing it myself to a software that handles it all was a bit intimidating but we got up and running immediately. We were getting booking and membership payments from Day 1”. 

After covering the basics, Tyler told us he keeps learning “new things all the time” as the Swift engineering team is constantly making improvements to the product built on feedback from clients like him.

IV. The Results: A Home Run

Within a few months of joining Swift, IYG has regained control over their growing businesses and automated their operations. With our nested spaces feature, Tyler and his team were able to maximize their space and offer new revenue-driven activities.

“Since we started using Swift our bookings for lessons and camps have more than tripled”. 

V. The MVP: Swift is Leagues Above

Here’s what Tyler LeClair had to say about Swift when asked if he would recommend it to other sports facility managers or owners:

“We really enjoy the ease of booking when using Swift. A huge problem for us was collecting money and tracking people down. Swift makes it very easy. We can require payment online before anyone even comes in”. 

VI. About Swift

IYG’s success on the platform has been great to see! We’ve helped hundreds of sports facilities free up their time and level up their business through our software specifically built for the sports industry.We want to free you up from dealing with endless calls and emails so you can do what you do best - coaching!If you’d like to experience similar success or have similar challenges to Tyler, book a free 30-minute demo and we’ll be happy to get you set up.

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